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SkipRed: What’s in a name?

What if you can reach international success without having to worry if the investment pays off? Is there a way, a method to make this possible? Based on their experiences, the team of SkipRed developed a methodology to solve just that. It combines our experience, our market knowledge and our learnings to help our customers to achieve successful and profitable overseas operations.

A clear approach, local knowledge, pre-defined milestones are just a start. We developed a set of metrics to monitor and steer the project as if it were a change process. By applying lean startup methods, you will be able to benchmark the results step-by-step, being able to flag and address any unexpected outcomes. We want you to “Skip the Red” in your landing in Holland

Senior, specialised and local: meet the team

We specialise on internationalisation. Using the Netherlands as a Beach Head for your business development in Europe. Our team consists of senior executives in sales, business development and marketing. They bring experience, network and solide skills to the table to work with you on your success in Holland.

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