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With a proven method, our extensive network and our dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we provide you access to business in The Netherlands. In an open, competitive market we help you create a model for international scaling.

SkipRed applies lean startup techniques, pre-defined processes and milestones to control and steer the overseas operations from the start.  This low-risk methodology has resulted is a  90% success rate over the past 5 years.
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Internationalization is the most powerful, but also the most risky part of scaling. We reduce the risk by offering a proven, structured approach. Then we add awesome Go-to-Market skills.



By leveraging our extensive network, we provide you with corporate clients for your product or service. By establishing a valued client relation, we can drive growth from the reference clients in the local market. Our aim is to make your product or service visible locally through the clients we work on together.


We provide local presence in the Dutch market in a flexible, cost effective way.  Our multi-disciplined team is available for you as per your need. Scale your local operations in keeping with the revenue projections for the market, so that you always have a clear eye on the bottom line.


Expand fast and risk free to other countries based on the model you created with us in the Netherlands. Many of our clients have used the learnings and the methodology used with us in the Netherlands to their next destination country, where ever this might be.


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